Five Pre-Season Scouting Tips

With deer season a mere month away for youth and a little over 6 weeks for bow hunting we thought it would be important to talk a little bit about scouting for deer. Now is the time to be putting the finishing touches on your food plots, getting the trail cameras set up to hone in on the mature bucks, and do some late summer scouting! Here are a few tips when it comes to scouting for whitetail.

Scout From Afar Then Move In

Use good binoculars so that you can get a good look at the area before moving in and Continue reading

Dicamba- What is it?

What is Dicamba?

soybeans-1543076_960_720Dicamba is a herbicide that selectively kills broad-leafed weeds, as opposed to plants in the grass family. It is not a new herbicide; it’s been around for decades, though it’s historically been used mostly as a pre-emergent (applied to the soil prior to planting to kill weeds). Dicamba is very effective in ridding farmers crop fields of the yield robbing weeds Continue reading