Agent Spotlight- Travis Potzner

We want to share a little about the Agents that make Mossy Oak Properties such an amazing choice for all of your Real Estate needs. Today we interview Travis Potzner and tpotznerlearn a little bit more about him both personally and professionally.

Q: Tell me about yourself and your family (and pets).

A: My name is Travis Potzner and I am 22 years old. I got my Real Estate License when I was 19 and still attending the University of Continue reading

Tips For Tick Season

Tis the season that no one looks forward to…….tick season. As the weather warms the ticks start to become active in Iowa.  Ticks are usually active March through early November with their prime active months being
April through July. So now is the time to be checking the pets, kids and yourself for ticks when you come indoors. Here are a few tips to both avoid ticks as well as how to remove them safely if found attached.forest-2165356_1920


  1. Make sure you are wearing clothing that covers exposed skin when venturing into woods, fields, tall grasses or other tick habitats. This includes long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and tennis shoes. You can even tuck your pants into your socks for extra protection.
  2. Use bug repellent that contains DEET, looks for those specifically designed to repel ticks and are EPA approved.
  3. Wearing lighter colored clothing can make identifying a hitchhiker easer than if you are wearing black or dark clothing.

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Top Five Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers day is right around the corner and at Mossy Oak Properties we want to make sure you are prepared and have just the perfect gift to show your mother
just how important she is in your life. Dads, you might have to help the kiddos with some of these!

Here are five of the top Mothers Day gifts for moms this year:

Pamper Her

  • flower-1884161_1920Think pedicure, manicure, spa day, massage, hair style. Things that she might not spend money on for herself but would really love. You can go to a hometown
    salon or maybe you might offer up the services yourself! Homemade gift certificates can be so meaningful- just be prepared when they cash them in!

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From Turkey To Deer- Hunting Season Information!

Turkey Hunting Information

According to the DNR, by the early 1900’s, unrestricted market hunting and drastic picreductions in habitat had eliminated wild turkeys in Iowa. For many years, the thunderous gobbles of the wild turkey were absent from Iowa’s woodlands and forests. In 1966 when the Iowa Conservation Commission, now the Department of Natural Resources, initiated a program to return the wild turkey to Iowa, wild turkeys were released at several sites across the state, with the first release occurring in Lee County, Iowa. Since these early days, turkey populations have expanded across the entire state of Iowa.

Iowa currently hosts 6 spring hunting seasons. This includes the 4 regular seasons as well as the youth season and the archery season. The spring seasons are in the 4th and final season and will end on May 22nd. Iowa also has 3 fall seasons which begin on October 1st for Archery Only, then Gun and bow beginning on October 16th. Continue reading